Dansk Parkinson - Siddende øvelser


This training program is designed to improve coordination, body control, strength and balance. The program is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pahlavandle from http://www.HeroicSport.com

You will find 3 variations to the training program. If you have difficuties training while standing, use the seated variation of the program. If you can train standing chose the level 1 program. After some weeks of practice, you can move up to level 2. Keep in mind any program is easier to follow if you can train along with someone else. Try to involve family, friends or other patients.

Download the PDF for the full instructions of the program.


Before you start to swing, make sure the Pahlavandles are screwed on tight. Take a space check with the clubs are arms lenght to make sure you will not hit anything at your sides or above you. If in doubt, review the videos in the 101 section.

The program is designed so that you can take the rest you need between exercises and train at your own pace. You should not experience pain while training. Remember to check with your doctor if in doubt about something.

If needed: cut the session short, take a longer break and resume training at a later stage.